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Trade Credit Insurance Chicago, IL

Trade Credit Insurance in Chicago, Illinois

If you want a successful business, you need to be comfortable taking risks. But you also need to know how to mitigate risks that can only hurt your business. One huge risk that many companies deal with every day is offering credit to customers with the understanding that they’ll pay you back. Not everyone is trustworthy, whether they are purposefully taking more than they can pay back or some unforeseen event affects their ability to pay. In this case, without a safety net, you’re out of luck. But with trade credit insurance in Chicago, IL from Global Commercial Credit, you can get every penny back even if a customer can’t pay.

Benefits of Trade Credit Insurance in Chicago, IL

As a business owner, you’re not looking to add unnecessary risks. With trade credit insurance in Chicago, Illinois, you can take away risk and get these benefits as well:

  • More Borrowing Power – Since your working capital increases, so does your borrowing base
  • Catastrophic Loss Protection – No more worrying about losses from bad debt
  • Credit Decision Support – Make smarter, more informed credit decisions with our credit information about your customers
  • Decrease Bad Debt Reserves – You’ll be able to manage write-offs more easily by lowering your bad debt reserves
  • Sales Expansion – More freedom to open new credit lines or increase existing ones knowing that you are covered

Protect your Business with Trade Credit Insurance in Chicago, IL

There are some risks in business that you just can’t avoid, so give yourself some peace of mind by eliminating the risks that you can. Global Commercial Credit can offer you trade credit insurance in Chicago, Illinois that makes bad debt a thing of the past. If a customer decides they can’t or won’t pay you, then we’ll cover the loss so you don’t take a hit. This is especially helpful when dealing with new customers in foreign countries that are harder to get reliable information about. Let us help you protect your business with trade credit insurance in Chicago, IL!


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