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Business Credit Insurance Grand Rapids

Business Credit Insurance in Grand Rapids, MI

Running a business can be boiled down to taking a series of calculated risks to get value from your investments. Some risks are necessary to keep your business going, some are unavoidable parts of your industry, and others are ones that could give your business a nice boost. But there are some risks that you don’t have to let affect your business, like the chance that someone won’t pay back the money they owe you. Without credit insurance in Grand Rapids, MI, if someone who is in debt to you can’t or won’t pay, there isn’t much you can do. But if you have credit insurance in Grand Rapids, MI from Global Commercial Credit, then you can get that receivables debt covered and get your money back.

Benefits of Business Credit Insurance in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Running a business involves enough risk already, we can eliminate some large risks for you. With credit insurance in Grand Rapids, MI, you’ll have peace of mind from the following benefits:

  • Catastrophic Loss Protection – Protection against bad debt losses
  • Safe Sales Expansion – Expand existing credit lines or open new ones without worry
  • Increased Borrowing – More working capital availability which increases your borrowing base
  • Credit Decision Support – We can give you important information on the financial viability of your customers so you can make informed decisions
  • Lower Bad Debt Reserve – Significantly lower bad debt reserves and manage write-offs better

Keep Your Business Safe with Business Credit Insurance in Grand Rapids, MI

With help from the experts at Global Commercial Credit, you don’t have to worry about bad debt losses sinking your business. With our credit information, you’ll know better which customers to trust with how much debt, and buyers in foreign countries will no longer be a guessing game. Plus, if a customer does decide to burn you and leave you with their debt, we’ll have it covered for you with our credit insurance in Grand Rapids, Michigan so you don’t lose a penny.


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