Meet the GCC Team

Tony Dworack

Chief Financial Officer

Tony Dworack came to us with impeccable credentials, having formerly been the treasurer at Detroit Diesel Corporation. He has both his BS and MBA in Finance from the University of Dayton. Naturally, as our CFO, he thinks one of the biggest advantages of going with GCC is the ability to get the best policy for the best price. He also feels that due to GCC’s relationships with all the major carriers, it not only has the most options in terms of policies but also the ability to negotiate the most competitive pricing. Along with that, Tony notes the value added by GCC’s experience and service model. Without it, he feels the clients “lack the support needed to represent their interests when issues arise.”

Away from the office, Tony enjoys being outdoors. He likes golfing and fishing, as well as spending time with his wife, three children and five grandchildren.

jennifer lukas


Sunny and lively, Jennifer Lukas is the most personable controller we’ve ever met. She has her Bachelor of Science from Wayne State, and previously was a financial consultant as well as a Controller at Metaldyne.

Jennifer chose to join GCC because of its professionalism, friendly atmosphere and contemporary working conditions. Not surprisingly, she is a big admirer of the client services provided by GCC. According to Jen, “the CSRs are in a league all their own,” and she feels that having a claims specialist on board is important. She also points out that “few business professionals have in-depth knowledge of credit insurance, and when negotiating rates and/or claims, this can be costly.” She feels that GCC’s agents can design better policies for the clients because they have many years of experience in commercial credit insurance and, unlike most other agents, they also come from financial backgrounds. “Companies utilizing GCC will find the time and money saved far surpasses any policy obtained through the direct market.”

When she’s not crunching numbers for us or looking at balance sheets, Jen enjoys scrapbooking, cooking and horseback riding. She loves being a Mom and spending time with her husband, two kids and their dog Marley and cat Pipsqueak.

Victor Sandy


Focused, friendly and articulate, wherever Vic Sandy is going, people will inevitably want to go with him.

A natural entrepreneur, he started his first business when he was 16. He then headed to Michigan State University for his BA and on to the Bernard Baruch School of Business at the University of New York to get his MBA. After serving as National Marketing Manager for Encyclopedia Britannica, he took a position at Euler Hermes, where he developed a strong foundation in credit insurance. He realized the value and market potential of the product, leaving to co-found GCC two years later.

Committed to service, Vic has banned “voice jail”, insisting that clients speak with a real person when they call. Unlike GCC, he thinks other brokers focus on sales at the expense of service. ‘They typically have a number of salespeople but a small administrative staff, so when client service issues arise, they get overwhelmed,’ he says, which means that clients usually have to fend for themselves when it comes to getting difficult coverages approved, or claims handled in a timely manner.

Vic feels that GCC’s expertise is also crucial. “Credit insurance is not a commodity insurance product, it’s a custom tailored financial tool,” he points out. “It needs to be put together the right way. People think they’ll save money by going direct with the carrier, and that the service will match what we offer” but that isn’t so. Because of GCC’s relationships with all carriers for example, “they let us know about impending changes in coverage, which enables us to be proactive with our clients.”

David Gibson

Partner / Chief Operating Officer

Calm, confident and collected. Friendly, rational and efficient. Chat with David Gibson for a short while, and these qualities become pretty evident. So it’s easy to see why GCC chose him as its Chief Operating Officer. It’s obvious that David is all about finding solutions and implementing them. He’ll also put his considerable skills to use as a mentor for the staff.

A 30-year veteran of the industry with a BS in Economics, David makes no bones about why he chose to come here. “GCC is the leader when it comes to customer service in the credit insurance industry,” he says. “Nobody invests in customer service like GCC, all in an effort to help clients achieve their revenue goals safely. Best of all, GCC does this at no added cost to the client.” David should know; he has spent most of the last decade with Euler Hermes in charge of broker relationships.

When it comes to client relationships, David believes that knowledge is power. “Credit insurance is a proactive product. You can’t measure its value by the dollar amount of claims received.” David, like GCC, knows that a well-balanced credit approach protected under a credit insurance policy offers many benefits to a client. If the policy is properly structured and serviced, it provides far greater value than the original premium cost. David thinks credit insurance can “help a client do deals they might not be able to do otherwise, improve the relationship with their lenders so they can get additional working capital, and protect one of their largest assets against major loss.”

Hailing originally from Pittsburgh, David is a die-hard fan of the Pittsburgh Penguins.   Along with Pittsburgh sports, his other passion is golf, where he enjoys the solitude and the mental challenge the game provides.  David and his wife are avid restaurant buffs and love trying all the great places in and around Metro Detroit.

Joshua Gibson

Regional Vice President, Southeast

Josh Gibson is an articulate, polished professional who has mastered the art of listening. After over a decade of working directly with clients of all sizes and in just about every industry sector, Josh understands the importance of learning his clients’ perspective on their needs and the challenges and opportunities their businesses face. Launching his sales career at Xerox right out of college, Josh then found Euler Hermes where he has spent the last 13 years mastering trade credit insurance and helping clients across the Southeast safely grow their businesses.

Josh has a BA from the University of Kentucky where he was a dual major in management and marketing. He came to GCC after serving as Regional VP of sales for Euler Hermes. He chose GCC to establish his career because of GCC’s reputation for working hard for its clients.

Josh lives with his wife and young four children. When he’s not spending time with family or grilling up a great meal outside, you’ll likely find him at the golf course as he’s been an avid golfer since his childhood.

Mark Matheney

Regional Vice President, North Central

Mark Matheney is tall, soft-spoken and has a dry sense of humor. Yet he’s the opposite of laid back. Mark is all about the big picture and maximizing potential. He says he lives by the motto, “Carpe Diem”(i.e., Seize the Day). He means it. “My whole life is an odyssey,” he says with a wry smile.

Mark has a BA in Economics and an MBA in International Business. He has traveled to over 35 countries and did a year of studies in Luxembourg. Mark came to GCC after serving as VP at a major bank and also as regional manager and underwriter at commercial credit insurance carriers. He chose GCC to establish his career because of GCC’s reputation for working hard for its clients. “Top notch,” he says, succinctly.

A firm believer in the unique advantages GCC offers, Mark thinks it is important to ask any broker under consideration if they have financial analysts, a claims representative and dedicated client service reps on staff. He adds, “then ask … do they have anything close?” He is sometimes frustrated that people are creatures of habit, when switching to GCC would obviously help them. “If a broker is only touching base with them once a year at renewal, then they are not getting the service they need or deserve. ” He strives to show potential clients how they can use credit insurance to enhance their business. His background in international finance is often a plus.

Mark lives with his wife and a combined family of six kids, Brady Bunch style. He is a history buff and proficient in German. Be sure to ask him about the college bungee jumping incident and his time working as a congressional volunteer.

Scott Waterworth

Vice President

Friendly and optimistic, Scott Waterworth believes that “if one door gets shut, it creates an opportunity for two more doors to open.” Which explains how he got into the industry. “They came after me; I’d never even heard of it,” he says. Upon learning more, he decided to make the leap, accepting a position with a major carrier. After working with Scott from that side of the business, we were impressed and happy to have him join GCC.

Scott has his BS in Management and Marketing, and has attended the Allianz International Management Seminar in Germany. In addition to his experience carrier-side, he also spent several years as VP at a financial services company. Scott has made it his personal mission to make sure prospective clients understand the value proposition of credit insurance. He takes the time to thoroughly explain how it is a financial tool that can assist in sales expansion, improving both the borrowing base and terms, and also allowing a company to increase its line of credit. He feels that “making sure I really understand what a company is trying to accomplish is critical. I think trust comes with that.” He thinks the GCC full service model is unique in the industry and helps him to serve his clients better. “All the processes are in place,” he says. A big stickler about integrity, he mentions several times that he is happy to work with management who feels the same way.

Scott’s personal interests are eclectic. On the one hand, he enjoys hunting, kayaking and sports, holding three black belts in martial arts. Yet he is also a serious wine collector. Scott lives in Baltimore and enjoys spending time with his two children.

Mark S. Chapman, JR.

Regional VP of Sales/Midwest

As the Regional Vice President of Midwest Sales, Mark Chapman is the opposite of a high-pressure salesperson. “I’m a rustbelt guy” he says cheerfully, frequently referring to his Midwestern values. “Credit insurance addresses a number of business issues that almost all rustbelt companies face…they could be seeking additional financing, worried about the economy, or just trying to grow sales.” A salesperson at heart, he admits “I make it my absolute mission to help companies to safely grow revenue”

Prior to joining GCC, Mark was highly successful at Xerox, no easy feat, and then spent six years in sales at a major credit insurance carrier. His reasons for coming to work for GCC were many, including an admiration for GCC’s reputation and business model, which he views as “uniquely proactive” and “exactly how the credit insurance process should work.” He also sees GCC’s added value as a specialty broker in that he can give his clients access to all the solutions in the marketplace, rather than being limited to the policies of only one carrier. “At any given time, we know which carriers are underwriting most aggressively in your industry.”

On his own time, Mark resides in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, with his wife and two daughters. They enjoy swimming, camping, and all things outdoors. He is a self-admitted fitness fanatic; whether it be his daily visit to CrossFit, a half ironman triathlete, or golfing with clients, he enjoys a good challenge.

Cindy Oparka

Director of client service

CSR Cindy Oparka came to us with over a decade of experience in the insurance and financial services industries. With her warm and chatty demeanor, you might be surprised to learn that she has her BA in Criminal Justice. Yet when you know Cindy, it all comes together in her gung-ho commitment to service. “We are always working to get the best result for the client,” she says. She thinks it helps that GCC is an independent credit insurance broker and not beholden to any particular carrier.

GCC’s system of assigning each client his or her own customer service representative is crucial in Cindy’s opinion, enabling her to “get to know her clients and their businesses.” And she takes pride in the fact that “we also have financial analysts on staff,” a resource not found at other credit insurance brokers. In her day-to-day interactions, Cindy feels strongly about getting back to clients promptly and listening to them carefully. “Sometimes it’s the little things,” she notes. She likes the way GCC customer service operates as a team. “We all have the same goal – trying to help the client grow his or her business safely.”

Cindy especially likes the “close-knit family feel” at GCC. Not surprisingly, we’ve felt like she’s part of our family from day one. On her own time, Cindy enjoys camping with her husband and is a self-professed soap opera junkie.

Seth Ingalls

director of strategic accounts

Idealistic. Hard worker. Detail oriented and efficient. Seth Ingalls brings a lot of great qualities to his role as Strategic Account Manager.

With a solid background in both accounting and credit analysis, Seth fully understands the value of credit insurance. He feels that credit and finance managers who think they don’t need it, or are under-insured, are taking a big risk. “Unexpected risk is always out there in every industry sector. Companies need to make sure they are going to get paid for what they sell,” he says.

Seth knows that by utilizing GCC, people can get sound guidance and superb service for no extra cost. But he thinks time should be a consideration as well. “When working with our clients, timely and reliable support helps them keep their credit operations running smoothly and that translates into a more efficient sales process for their business,” Seth notes. “We never lose sight of the goal- helping clients achieve their revenue objectives safely.”

Seth loves his iPad, is a big fan of Twitter and found the book, Freakonomics, to be quite illuminating in terms of how the business world works. He’s generally smiling and positive, but there’s one thing he really dislikes: a messy desk. He handles everything he can by end of day, then straightens up so he has a fresh start the next day.

On his own time, Seth likes to go kayaking in Northern Michigan, which he finds peaceful and relaxing. He’s a big lover of animals and dreams of owning a micro brewery someday. With a child on the way, Seth eagerly looks forward to becoming a father.

Colleen Dimambro

Claims and Recovery Manager

When you meet Colleen, you’re greeted with a big smile and lots of energy. Chat with her for a few minutes and you also can’t help but notice she’s very direct and honest. She tells it like it is.

Colleen brings a strong work ethic to her job as Claims and Recovery Manager. She arrives at the office a full hour early every day and works as long as it takes, returning all of her emails by end of day. “I can’t leave anything undone,” she says. Detail-oriented and organized, she prides herself on listening well, communicating clearly and doing everything in her power to assist her clients. She considers it a personal mission to make “the client feel like a person, not just a number.”

When asked to describe GCC, she doesn’t hesitate. “Customer service runs through our veins. Everyone is willing to help. Everyone.” In view of the big commitment GCC makes to service, Colleen doesn’t see why people should attempt to handle commercial credit insurance themselves. She feels most businesses don’t have the support staff to manage the insurance internally, so they get overwhelmed.

When she’s not doggedly pursuing getting a claim paid for a client, Colleen enjoys camping with her husband and teenage son and just hanging out with family and friends. A few years back, she was the box office supervisor for the Detroit Pistons, where she particularly enjoyed interacting with Bill Laimbeer.

Chris Nicholson

Human Resources Manager

Chris Nicholson is one of those people that you can’t help liking immediately. Not only is she cheerful, reasonable and thoughtful, she also exudes “nice” on every level. Chris is a true “people person” if there ever was one, so it couldn’t be more fitting that she’s the Human Resources Manager at GCC.

An admitted Type A personality, Chris believes in giving her all and thinks anybody who works hard is bound to be successful. She sees her role at GCC as that of a mediator, and feels that expecting positive outcomes helps her to achieve them. “I’m a very positive person,” she says. “I try to see the good in people.” Her approach to problem solving is to strive to be fair and to come up with solutions that are win-win.

Her previous work in HR has brought Chris a keen appreciation for how GCC management treats its employees. The company has “a family feel,” she says. “They care about the employees and appreciate what they have to offer.” She promptly uses herself as an example. “They listen to me, and value my input and expertise. It’s rewarding to come here.” She points out various GCC workplace policies that cater to employees’ needs and morale, as well as generous benefits.

Chris has traveled extensively abroad and likes learning about different cultures. At home, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two children, who all play musical instruments together. When Chris was growing up, both of her parents were pilots, and her family flew everywhere in their own small plane. In keeping with family tradition, she’s taken flying lessons.

Julie Callcut

Human Resources Manager

Her love for the sunny seasons is a sincere reflection of her personality, as Julie Callcut is someone who can brighten up any room with her sweet and cheerful demeanor. Family-oriented with a passion for helping others, Julie is a perfect fit for her role as Human Resource Manager.

Since earning her bachelor’s degree in Business / Human Resource Management from Michigan State, Julie has worn many different hats. From Pension Analyst at General Motors, to managing retirement funding, to Closing and Loan Officer, to stay at home mother, there’s not much she can’t do. For Julie, working at GCC has given her the closest feel to a ‘family business’ she’s gotten aside from working with actual family. She admires all the support and dedication at GCC saying, “people support each other, work hard, and sincerely care about their clients and the success of the company” and “Managers are kind, supportive, and dedicated to not only the company’s achievements, but the accomplishments of each individual employee.” She feels it is this dedication and commitment to clients and one another that makes the work environment “challenging, yet pleasant.”

Even off the clock you can find Julie devoting her time to helping others. She also enjoys spending time with her family, exercising, taking her dogs for a walk, and baking.

Mary Evans

Client Service Representative

A real people person, from her position as Group Service Representative at MetLife to managing a scrapbooking store with her friend, Mary always keeps others in mind. It is easy to see why she values the environment at GCC, “everyone here is great to work with! I enjoy working with my clients; it’s just a great place to be!” She’s also always willing to “learn as much as she can and apply that knowledge to helping clients.”

Outside of work Mary likes to channel her creative side through scrapbooking and DIY makeovers. She also enjoys spending time with her family and friends, reading, and gardening.

Amanda Gunsch

head of office administration

A former office manager in the medical field, Amanda Gunsch exudes warmth and patience. But don’t be mislead by all the niceness; she is also quite the go-getter. She mentions a James Dean quote that has inspired her: “Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today.”

Amanda believes in going for it, especially when it comes to client service. “We put our customers first, and we do whatever we can to meet their requirements.” Compared to going direct with a carrier, she believes GCC gives the clients “a lot more one-to-one attention.” She repeats, “a LOT,” and laughs. Amanda pulls out all the stops to establish their credit limits, take care of information requests, pull D&B reports, and more. She’ll do everything in her power to try to help meet the clients’ needs. She is genuinely a little shocked by stories she hears from clients who switched to GCC. One client told her that at the previous company, “they hadn’t talked to a real person for years.” Like everyone else at GCC, she thinks it’s important that you can talk to a real person when you have a problem, and not get stuck in voicemail.

In her personal life, Amanda is spontaneous and doesn’t believe in stressing over the small stuff. She likes golfing, being outdoors and doing things with her daughter. She loves Vegas and usually goes at least once a year.

Elizabeth Hynes

Client Service Representative/Ex-Im Bank Coordinator

Don’t let the sweet demeanor fool you. Elizabeth Hynes is one tough cookie. Having spent several years in the insurance industry, Elizabeth recently joined GCC as an Assistant Client Services Representative.

According to Elizabeth, the client service at GCC is on a whole different level. “I don’t think anybody here misses anything,” she says with pride. She thinks anyone who’s serious about growing their business should consider GCC and credit insurance. “If they’re nervous about their receivables and the economy, they’d have more stability,” she notes. “Credit insurance not only protects their receivables, it protects their line of credit and can help secure increased working capital.”

Elizabeth is a big fan of positive thinking, as well as constant communication and follow through. She spends the necessary time to make sure that clients understand their policies. She also works hard to ensure they keep up with their reporting and documentation so that they get maximum benefit from their policies.

On her own time, Elizabeth is a serious sportswoman. She’s an avid snowmobiler and belongs to a women’s skeet shooting league. She’s also gone on fishing charters, once reeling in a small marlin single-handedly. Elizabeth has four children and lives at home with her daughter Ashley. Her newest toy is an AP Drone Wifi Quadricopter, and trust us, she knows how to use it.

Roxanne Gates

Client Service Representative

Warm and laidback, Roxanne understands GCC’s commitment to customer service and her role in delivering it. She knows she is one of the first impressions that many people have of the company, so she says, “It’s important to be pleasant. I always answer the phone with a smile.” Roxanne is very meticulous and a good listener. “Treat others as you would like to be treated,” is a quote that inspires Roxanne. She incorporates it daily into her duties.

Roxanne likes the friendly atmosphere at GCC and calls herself the “GCC Mom,” not only looking out for clients but for the staff as well. One thing she is a stickler about, though: punctuality. She believes “everybody should show up 10-15 minutes early” for everything. She laughs and says that in the past, she’s even refused to date anybody who showed up late.

Away from the office, Roxanne has three children of her own, and has spent much of her life volunteering for various causes, mostly kid-related. She enjoys camping, gardening and crime fiction as well as westerns, especially those starring John Wayne.

Craig Bonnell In Memory (1963-2020)

Co-Founding member and Managing Partner

Craig Bonnell walks into the room, and one thing is clear. He’s all business. “I’ve had my foot to the pedal since graduating from college,” he says. “I just don’t know how to relax.”

Craig has a BS in Business Administration and an MBA in Finance from Wayne State University. Prior to cofounding GCC, he helped establish one of Michigan’s largest mortgage brokerages and was also a sales manager at GE Capital, an invaluable experience where he gained a strong foundation for corporate credit. “I put this knowledge to work for my clients every day for no additional cost,” he notes.

According to Craig, two things differentiate GCC from other credit insurance brokers: financial expertise and customer service. “Unlike most agents in the industry who have insurance backgrounds, we built our team with agents who have financial backgrounds,” he comments. “Our clients rely heavily on us for credit support and for assistance in helping them safely achieve their goals. It’s crucial for someone in this role to understand the objectives and have a clear plan to assist,” says Craig. “Credit insurance is very customizable, but you need to understand the product and know the carrier nuances, so you can properly structure the right solution.”

Craig has been instrumental in creating GCC’s unique service model. “When I entered the credit insurance industry in the early 90’s, I was surprised to see most companies were staffed to deal with credit issues after they occurred,” he commented. “Of course you would want to offer those services. But what about being proactive trying to help clients better understand the risk before they take it, in an effort to help them avoid issues down the road when it might be too late?” He adds, “Our service model was built to assist the client and is unmatched by any other broker operation.”

Outside the office, Craig enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons. He also coaches and plays baseball. His serious nature and dedication to telling the truth, even if it’s bad news, has inspired a long-term client to give him the ironic nickname, “Sunshine.”

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