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SCRAP Magazine: Insuring Your Receivables

Accounts receivable insurance can provide a measure of protection against catastrophic customer defaults, as well as potentially increase your access to capital, boost your competitiveness, and more. Here are the

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Cutting your risk, European-style

Reprinted with permission from Detroiter – April 1997 By Jeff Dworack Global Commercial Credit For many companies, the overseas market place represents their best growth opportunity. As barriers fall, and

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The Truth About Credit Insurance

Reprinted with permission from The Secured Lender – March/April 1998 By Victor Sandy and Craig J. Bonnell Credit insurance is a financial tool that offers tremendous competitive advantages for asset

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Global Commercial Credit (GCC), is a premier specialty broker of domestic and export credit insurance. Our brokers specialize in business credit insurance, trade credit insurance, and account receivable insurance as well as other credit insurance services nationwide. As a leading credit insurance broker, we represent all of the carriers who specialize in this unique coverage.

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